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Journey back through countless influences in your life, past and present, from birth, childhood, school years, career stops, family, and even environmental influences that have shaped and revealed what is today a unique you. Through the stories and experiences of Tom McManimon, take the steps to see new perspectives on personal branding, the value in reinvention, and the importance of managing your brand today. Gain confidence and direction knowing better what distinguishes YOU and, in the process, reveal the elements of a brand you already know. Yours.

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Truth in Branding. The beginning of a lasting relationship.

To be successful, it is critically important to understand the TRUTH of your brand. Then, the challenge lies in helping people see and feel and react to that truth

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Lockjaw and Aneurism reveal extraordinary customer loyalty.

I took a deep breath. My family gasped. I cried. I looked like Frankenstein and a human bowl of spaghetti. But, I was thrilled!

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Going to the well—a hundred thousand times. And once more.

The phone rang. There was a terrible accident. Cars were totalled. People hurt. Arrest and coming lawsuit. It was our most ripping decision to make.

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Permission to dream. Why not me?

People who look with admiration at a surgeon, an astronaut, teacher, pro athlete, actor, singer, or even……they’re choosing to embrace the possibilities. What if?

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Hire Tom to present and lead your team or group on topics like:

  • Chart your path forward: Start by saying, "why not me?"
  • Help motivate the entrepreneur in you to power forward
  • To rebrand or not to rebrand. How to know.
  • Why hire a branding expert? Start from the inside out.
  • What color has to do with branding.

Or, suggest your own related topic for Tom to deliver.

"A compelling presenter and story-teller whose style is straightforward, engaging and powerful. Conveys meaningful messages that enlighten and inspire people."

—Sal Levatino, Action Coach

"When Tom McManimon takes the stage, it appears that he has the world in the palm of his hand. He is a husband, father and entrepreneur who is bright, successful and charismatic. What makes Tom especially charming is his humble delivery of life-shaping circumstances that have given remarkable texture to his life and career. The stories Tom shares will not only make your jaw drop, but they will also impart valuable lessons about the merit of passion, optimism and most importantly, love of family and friends. Tom McManimon has an extraordinary message, and it's one I am certain you will enjoy hearing. Make time."

—Lisa Manyoky, The Presence Equation

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